Richie provides embedded lending infrastructure for SaaS platforms to create a business lending program in as little as an hour and offer discounted loans to merchants.

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Trusted by 100+ platforms, 109+ lenders and 40000 loan applicants across the US

Everything in one place

Complete Lending Infrastructure In One Place

Get a whole package: loan application forms, application management system, private-labeled merchant portal, access to lenders and 9+ loan products all while retaining control over the lead and generating ancillary revenue.

WHY Richie

Connect with your merchants on a deeper level


Revenue Impact

Help your merchants scale their business to see your revenue grow


Reputational Impact

We know you care. This is another step in showing that.


Ease of use

Designed for a very smooth experience for you, your team and, most importantly, your merchant.

Discounted Loans

Your merchants can save up to 50% in interest payments through our infrastructure. Reduce your commission, share data, split payments or subsidize their loans.


Sharing Data

Additional merchant data reduces risks and allows lenders to decrease the interest rate on loans


Payment Split

Cover a portion of payments for your merchant.


Embrace your merchant.

Make a difference in your community.

Our mission is to help as many businesses owned and operated by people from marginalized communities to create a better future for themselves and their families. Business owners of color, immigrants, female entrepreneurs and other underrepresented folks face harder obstacles in acquiring financial help.


but positive


but persistent


but optimistic


Products Your Merchants Deserve

Small and Midsize businesses face trouble applying for loans at traditional banks and instead turn to convenient vendors they know and trust.


24-hour Funding


Compare Offers From Top Lenders


Keep Merchants On Your Platform

Suitable For All SaaS Platforms

Our system can be integrated with any SaaS platform either via no-code or all-code solutions.


No-Code Solution

Attach the Richie system to a subdomain within an hour without need to code or integrate.


Some-Code Widget

Simply insert a short code snipped and collect applications right from your website.


All API Solution

API is suitable for major tech companies and allows to significantly customize your merchant experience.


Richie Ai has helped our platform provide financing to our 15,000+ merchants. This has created an entirely new revenue stream for us.

Isaac Ferguson

CEO & Founder Eve Financial

Still unsure?

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers straight from the Richie AI team.

How do you protect merchant data?
  • Anonymous Prequalification
  • Masked phone numbers
  • Personal information is encrypted
  • Only qualified lenders

Do you provide customer support?
  • 24 / 7 customer success team
  • Dedicated support for deals in process
  • Technical support

Can I change my plan or unsubscribe?
  • Plans that suite your needs
  • Easily change plan at any moment
  • Unsubscribe at any moment
  • No installation or cancellation fees

Is merchant credit pulled?
  • Prequalification does not affect credit
  • Soft-pull by default on pre-approvals
  • These are business loans not personal loans
  • Some products without personal guarantee

Can we have multiple users?
  • Multiple sales agents
  • Agents are not able to access all the files
  • Dedicated permission levels and roles

Is the system customizable?
  • Simple design changes
  • API allows full customization
  • Fully private-labeled solution
  • Merchant never leaves your system

Help your merchants grow, grow yourself

What are you waiting for? It's time to get started.

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Help your merchants grow, grow your own platform

Complete Lending Infrastructure In One Place. Create a business lending program and offer discounted loans to your merchants.