For Marketplaces and Platforms

Unified Lending Infrastructure

Richie AI provides a unified lending infrastructure that enables B2B companies to offer a comprehensive suite of business loan products to their customers. Our technology is designed to streamline the lending process, from prequalification to loan application and management, while ensuring compliance and providing access to capital.

If you are an MCA or a loan broker, read this instead:

For Loan & MCA Brokers

Prequalification (AI-Driven Scoring and Shadow Prequalification)

Our AI-Driven Scoring system analyzes multiple parameters, such as transaction volume, sales volume, number of transactions, average transaction size, standard deviation of sales, regression analysis of sales, and industry, to prequalify merchants for a working capital loan. With our Shadow Prequalification feature, we can analyze the information enterprise platforms have about merchants to prequalify them in the background even before they officially apply for a loan.

Complete Technology (no-code or API loan application forms, merchant portals, CRM)

Our technology includes no-code or API loan application forms, merchant portals, and a CRM designed specifically for small business lending. This allows you to process an application 200 times faster than if you did it manually.

Compliance Support and Access to Capital

We provide compliance assurance to ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements while providing access to a global network of lenders.


SaaS-Only Solution: Our Comprehensive Enterprise Solution is available as a SaaS-only solution upon request.

Generous Commission

Time to Act

Help your merchants grow, grow yourself. What are you waiting for? It's time to get started.


Help your merchants grow, grow yourself

What are you waiting for? It's time to get started.

Choose a plan

CRM-Exclusive Plan

For MCA and Loan Brokers

Tailored for brokers focusing on client management. This plan focuses solely on CRM functionalities, excluding access to Richie's Lender Network:

  • White Labeled Website + CRM Portal

  • Loan Application Management System

  • Domain Connectivity

  • Loan Application Collection

  • Portal for your merchants

  • Upload your own lenders

  • Agent and Affiliate Management

  • Plaid Integration*

  • 100 applications / per month / per seat

  • 1 seat included + 10 affiliate seats

  • $97/month + $40/additional agent seat + $40/10 affiliate seats


    Growth Plan

    Ideal for brokers aiming for excellence in their operations.

    An enhanced suite of tools, including all CRM functionalities and access to Richie's Lender Network, empowering brokers to streamline client management and expand their lending opportunities.

  • 5 seats for your agents + 20 affiliate seats

  • 150 applications / per month / per seat

  • Access to Primary lenders

  • Chatbot integration (Tidio or Intercom)

  • Access to API Submissions

  • $247/month + $40/additional agent seat + $40/10 affiliate seats


    Advanced Broker Plan

    For MCA and Loan Brokers

    The best software for experienced brokers seeking advanced features. Everything from CRM-exclusive plan plus:

  • 10 seats for your agents + 50 affiliate seats

  • Dedicated Customer Support

  • 200 applications / per month / per seat

  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics

  • Email Customization

  • Access to Phone-masking Technology

  • $497/month + $40/additional agent seat + $40/10 affiliate seats


    Comprehensive Enterprise Solution

    For Marketplaces and Platforms

    Embedded lending for marketplaces, payment processors, and B2B SaaS platforms:

  • No-code, SDK or API Integration

  • Global Lender Access

  • AI-Driven Scoring

  • Compliance Assurance

  • Shadow Prequalification

  • Saas-only Solution upon request

  • Contact Sales

    Contact Sales